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Learning journey

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I don’t like presenting in front of the class. Last year I learnt best in accounting because the teacher explained it really well and have resources to help on ultranet. Also I learnt best in maths because the teacher would stand in front of the class and explain how they got the answer and go around the class and see if we need help. This year I would  like to try and get  an endorsement economics.


In the holidays I went jet boating.

Definitions pre-test

Producer – someone that creates products or services using natural goods, man made

Consumer – someone that consumes of goods and services produced by producers

Free goods – things that are plentiful and have no cost- the sunshine

Economic goods –

Consumer goods – something to satisfy someone’s needs or wants y

Capital goods –

Relatively cheaper – something that is already cheap but it drops down on price anyway

Inferior goods – goods that individuals / household buy when they get a crease in income

Necessities – Goods and services that people need in order to survive

Normal goods – goods that individuals buy for every day needs

Luxury goods – goods or services that make your life more comfortable


This year my achievement gaol for economics would be to do work at a merit or an excellence level. My behaviour goal is try not be shy and be more confident in speaking in front of the class.Preparation for class would be to learn the stuff that I learned in class so that I can understand it better and get homework in on time and if not sure about it ask for help. Outside of class my goal would be to be more active and try not to miss any karate classes and go to 2 gradings.