Creative writing and Formal writing

Formal writing 

Conflicts because of choice

-This piece of formal writing is based on an issue illustrated within the novel Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones  and wider society. The issue is conflicts because of the choices people decide to make causing hurt and hatred.

New Zealand is a relatively peaceful nation. Unfortunately it is not the same for all people. There are people who experience violence leading to innocent deaths. Countries wish to declare land as their own before thinking about the natives. Lying occurs in everyday households but many of them cause conflicts and hate within people. People may say we  are free to choose what our beliefs are but is that always the case? These issues are highlighted in novel Mister Pip written by Lloyd Jones.

One significant aspect of Mister Pip is the black world versus the white world. This arises when the Bougainvilleas are threatened to evolve into the European lifestyle. In return they would get supplies, machinery and the comforts of western civilisation. The Australian people bought the mine, taking most of the land in Bougainvillea and left the redskins in charge. Bougainvillea was now apart of Papua New Guinea.  The redskins started mistreating the Bougainvilleas creating a blockade, preventing anyone to leave the island putting restrictions on how they live. After this occurred the Bougainvilleas created hate against the white people. Matilda explains “there were white people crawling over Panguna like ants over a corpse.” This tells us that Bougainvilleas did not get treated equally, having their rights and land taken away from them. Similar events happened in the early 1830’s in New Zealand the Pakeha started to look for land to settle into. The Maori chief saw this as opportunity to trade goods. Although, the settlers  did not see it the same, they thought it meant sole ownership of the land. Most of the land was taken away from the Maori tribes as Europeans own Sixty six million acres. The Maoris then started to fear  the importance of their way of traditional living just like the Bougainvilleas. Would you like your land taken away from you?

An important consideration is different beliefs in todays society but people have conflicts with one another about what is right and wrong. This is not always the case and that is not what they always mean.This was shown Matilda was forced to pretend to believe in Christianity by her mother Delores, rather then what she really believed in, which was the novel ‘Great Expectations’. Matilda’s mother believed in the teachings of the Good book “The Bible.” Matilda then felt forced to believe in something which she wished not to. This is shown when Matilda and Delores have an argument. “They can’t just lie around like lazy bone dogs. They have to teach you something. That’s why I brought a book… the Good Book.” Then Delores holds up the Bible. This tells us that Delores does not want her daughter to believe in anything different . There are many conflicts based on what is right and wrong, what were supposed to believe in. In fact these happen all the time all over the world. A similar event happened in China, Muslims are banned from fasting because of the Muslim extremists with foreign terrorist attacks. They are not allowed to do what they believe in. This tells us that people may say that everyone has a choice but in reality that is not what the case because it shows that whatever you pick there will always be people going against you.

Another conflict that occurred is when Delores decided to lie about taking the novel

‘Great Expectations’.  Matilda was interested in the novel and loved the character Pip she wrote ‘Pip’ on the beach and the redskins saw this as a threat. People tried to explain that  he was character from a novel but they did not believe it. The novel was the only proof the Bougainvilleas had to prove to the redskins that there was no one else living on the island. Mister Watts came forward to explain that they could not find the book and who the person is but the redskins shot him because he did not have permission to speak. Delores’s lie caused the death of  Mister Watts. We can learn that people in times of crisis and conflict people get killed for no reason. “They chopped him and fed him to the pigs,” explains Matilda. A similar event that occurred when George Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction even though they did not.  Just because George Bush saw the potential America could have with oil wells in Iraq. This lie caused conflict between the Americans and Iraqis, causing hundreds of deaths. Therefore this tells us that a lie can have an big impact its better to tell the truth even though you might be in the wrong as it can cause big issues leading to the future.

To conclude Mister Pip written by Lloyd Jones. Conflicts were taken place because of ownership of land just like the Maoris getting their land taken away from them.  Conflict because of beliefs between Matilda and Delores just like the Chinese who banned fasting for Muslims. Lastly, conflict occurred because of lying causing the death of someone, just like George Bushes lie about the mass Destruction. Although they started from various different things they still caused conflict.


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Creative writing 

That Morning

This piece of creative writing explores a memory told from the perspective of Matilda from Mister Pip. It occurs when Matilda pulls back the curtains.

I woke up to a cold winter morning to the loud sharp tweets of the birds. The warm comforting sun had seeped through the curtains filling up the room with the morning sunlight.  The heat of the sunrise seemed to warm my covers.I sat up on my bed and pulled back the curtains, as I did I felt a bitterly cold breeze from a gap in the window piercing through my skin. The dullness in my room had faded away, it went from a tint from the curtains to a bright light filling the loneliness and the darkness in my room. I sat on the edge of my bed letting my eyes adjust.

The sun had reminded me of the day I had walked into the classroom. It was dark and felt empty but there was just enough light to show a tall white slim man standing in front of the classroom, named Mr Watts. He had said, “ We are going to make this a place of light no matter what happens.”  I felt so intrigued because this man stood out from the rest of us; he wasn’t like us.

When he had said that I wasn’t sure whether he was referring to the classroom itself as it was dull, black and felt heartless. The classroom was covered up with dead palm tree leaves that prevented the light from coming in. Now I am certain he meant, no matter what happens we are going to make this place filled with the light of knowledge. It made me think about my schooling life and the hardship we had to go through to learn. Mister Watts was right, he was the one that helped us gain the knowledge we needed, even through the rough times. Even though times were hard, I continued to learn.

I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. There it was again the white light peering through the windows reflecting on the mirror in front of the sink, reflecting back at me. The sun wasn’t so comforting anymore it was just a reminder of my difficult, past life. I could imagine the palm tree leaves swaying in the soft breeze, the tropical sun peering through the windows as we sat there listening to Mister Watts. Then all of sudden I could see the redskins coming in and destroying everything we had. Our classroom was destroyed, Mr Watts was killed, but the light of knowledge remained with us even to this day. I didn’t like this reminder, so I splashed some cold refreshing water on my face to remind myself it was all in the past and I am here now in London.


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