Learning journey

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I don’t like presenting in front of the class. Last year I learnt best in accounting because the teacher explained it really well and have resources to help on ultranet. Also I learnt best in maths because the teacher would stand in front of the class and explain how they got the answer and go around the class and see if we need help. This year I would  like to try and get  an endorsement economics.


In the holidays I went jet boating.

Reflection from the externals

In my externals I got an excellence in my conceptual basis  and a merit in my financial statements overall I got a merit endorsement. I am slightly disappointed as my goal for level one accounting was to get an excellence endorsement. In the cash budget I accidentally added an extra 0. Which lowered my grade this year I am hoping to get an excellence endorsement and my aim is to thoroughly double check my work not just a skim check.