Connections Report 

People face problems in their life all the time. Some people have major problems and others have minor ones, but they all have to overcome their adversities some how. The theme of overcoming adversity is evident in the film The secret life of Walter Mitty directed by Ben Stiller; the short story Job written by Dan Preston; the film Divergent directed by Neil Burger and lastly Tomorrow When The War Began written by John Marsden.

In the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by Ben Stiller. Walter is faced with the problem of people relying on him to find negative 25. This is shown when Walter is reluctant to find Sean so he can find negative 25 so he doesn’t loose his job at Life magazine. Walters mum relies on Walters financial support and his boss relies on Walter to locate negative 25. He decides to jump into a helicopter with a drunk pilot, so that the pilot can take him to the ship where Sean was last seen. At first he thinks its not a good idea as Walter does not live life to fullest and he does not normally take risks, but he begins day dreaming about Cheryl, someone that he cares about and we see Cheryl begin singing Major Tom. Which inspires him to jump into the helicopter. An example of this is when the use of a close up shot shows Walter being nervous because he did not want to travel in a helicopter especially with a drunk pilot. He was nervous about the safety of his journey, he had never done anything so intense in his life . He overcomes his fears by daydreaming the song Major Tom to give him strength.”Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.” This tells us that the inspirational song lyric helped Walter find direction. This scene was developed to show that Walter is now slowly over coming his fears and that his journey for adventure has begun. The viewer suddenly becomes intrigued and eager to find out whether he does it or not.The directors intention is to tell us that people that you are close to and that you look up to or care about can influence you to do things and help you get through tough times in your life. This is similar to the novel Tomorrow When The War Began written by John Marsden as their adversities are overcome through the support of her friends and family . As Ellie the protagonist in the novel is supported by her friends when she makes the decision of blowing up the lawn mower to get away from the invaders without the help of her friends she would not have done it. Walter is supported by his friend Cheryl while going through adventures through Iceland to find negative 25.

In the short story Job written by Dan Preston, Job a distressed and an unwanted young eleven year old boy, who has to deal with both Jobs mother and her boyfriends abuse both physically and verbally. Job Has experienced things young people should not experience such as living in a P lab house. Jobs friend Luke sums up this abuse as he says Job is good at sport but is clumsy at home for example “But at home he must have been bloody clumsy. It was the type of clumsiness that caused inky bruises, bruises that popped out by accident from under clothing. Bruises that made adults double-take and then pretend not to look again.” This quote helps the reader understand that there is something not right at home. The situation developed to tell us that Job is slowly overcoming abuse and to tell us that even though Job is scared he is determined to find another way to overcome the abuse instead of approaching the boyfriend. Job overcomes this abuse when he see’s a different perspective of life when he see’s how Luke’s life is different and in a better state and knows there is more too life then abuse. So he puts incriminating photos of the abuse on his mother’s boyfriend’s computer so when he had blown the house up the police could search the computer and the mother and boyfriend would get caught.Job then runs away to have a better life in Australia. The author wants us to learn that when people get abused in the world some people don’t like to be open about it but it is still important to overcome the abuse somehow and that people don’t like it when they are abused or people making assumptions about the possibility. The film The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is similar to the short story Job as they have a similar theme of adversity and bullying however Job is bullied physically and verbally at home by his parents and Walter is bullied outside his home verbally by his boss. However Walter develops a strength to overcome abuse whereas Job holds a natural strength of determination of overcoming problems.

In the Film Divergent directed by Neil Burger. When Beatrice Prior faces the problem of making a difficult decision when she turned 16 which contributes to the type of person she is and effects her life onwards . There are five factions, they all represent different personalities Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Amity and Candor. However there is an aptitude test which tells them what type of person she is but her test result came up inconclusive which means she belongs to all five factions. But the people around her feel threatened by those people who have all five personalities. So she has to pick a faction just to keep her cover low. An example of this is when the tester said “People who get this kind of result are …are called…Divergent. and her tense, worried look returns.” This quote helps me understand that she is completely independent from the people around her and that people will be shocked to hear that. This situation developed for Beatrice as she turned 16 she was obliged to make a decision of weather she should stay in the same faction or leave her family behind. Beatrice overcomes the hardship of people not wanting her in the society that they live in by running away and starting life in her own perspective. The directors intention is to tell us that in life people are independent and that Beatrice is unique from the others. The novel Job can relate to Divergent as Beatrice and Job are both neglected about being different as Job is treated differently at school by his teachers .Another text that can relate is The secret life of Walter Mitty both characters Beatrice and Walter have adversities of not being accepted by other people and being put down.

In the novel Tomorrow When the War began written by John Marsden. The characters face a calamity of an invasion that happens in their town of Wirrawee. While a group of 7 teenagers Ellie,Homer, Lee, Robyn, Kevin and Fi went out camping their town was invaded and the towns people were missing including their families. The teenagers have to find a method of survival without being killed by the invaders also helping their families get out of the Showgrounds where they are held hostage. An example of this is when Homer thinks of a method to get a visual of their families at the show grounds, “We need a hidden and safe place where we can watch the show grounds the more we know the better our decisions are going to be.” This quote helps me understand that they are serious about their families wellbeing. This event was important as it tells us that teenagers are really worried about their families and will do what ever it takes to find them.They overcome this calamity by staying together and help each other through the time of war, to find their families.This situation developed when the group of teenagers leave town for a camping trip while they were away, Wirrawee’s commemoration day was being held and the invaders had a sense that all of town would be there and they can keep them hostage. The authors intention is to tell us that people have families that are in the middle of a war zone and when people don’t have any sightings of their families it can give them a heartache. This novel can relate to Job as they both have to find away to sustain life for Job its the abuse from his parents and for the teenagers its the time of war and survival .The film Divergent and Tomorrow When The War Began can relate as both the characters have to face conflict. Beatrice has conflict with the people around her about being divergent and the teenagers face conflict with the invaders while saving their friend when he gets shot. 

The theme of overcoming adversity was demonstrated in all of the texts and connected to each other in different ways. For instance The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, directed by Ben Stiller, The short story Job written by Dan Preston both protagonists are being bullied. Divergent directed by Neil Burger and Tomorrow When The War Began written by John Marsden as they both the characters face conflict in their life This tell’s us that there is more then one way of overcoming your problems and not all problems are as big as others. All these texts have established the theme of overcoming adversity in their own way by revenge, running away, trying something new and working together, but still connecting to one another.