Static image 


The theme that i have communicated is adventure, this is shown when Walter goes to find Sean O’connell to get answers for where negative #25 might be. 

The font of the lettering is Times the lettering is bold  and capital letters  with a white background to make the black writing standout on the black card. 

My quote reflects the theme adventure because the quotes says “ To see the world, Things dangerous to come to, … to find each other and to feel that is the purpose of life “ tells us that if you want to see the world then you have to go on an adventure and along the way you might meet some new people and that is what life is basically all about, going to places meeting new people and in life there might be up and downs but you will get there in the end.

The effect I want my static image to have on my audience is a message about meeting new people and having ups and downs but it doesn’t mean your journey will end.

The layout of the page is the camera as the dominant image with the film slide coming out, in the film slide there is all the adventures he had and the clues he found along the way to find negative #25. The quote is following along the slide to tell us what had happened along his journey the words of the quote are not going in a straight line because the quote is “ To see the world, Things dangerous to come to, … to find each other and to feel that is the purpose of life “ in life there always is going to be ups and downs. There is 2 blank spaces left because his life still continues on after is big adventure and soon figures out his own way of life. 

The shape of my static image would be a rectangle to make things more spread and makes a Z shape to make the camera film look like its falling out film by film.

The colours that are used go from really dull and dark such as grey and black there is really upsetting and down moments in the film and that his was boring at the start of the film to really bright colours such as red showing the audience that there is exciting moments in his life and white to show the audience that his life turns out to be very peaceful and he does not have to go on a  big adventure but can figure his life path in his own way.

The depth of the static image creates a 3D effect with the camera  looking like its 3D and on the paper .

The proportion of the static image with the camera as the dominant image and and the camera film is medium size making it not to big on the static image and not to small.

The use of space, most of the black is covered up with the camera film and then the quote along the top of each camera film and at the end there is quote as well because at the end of the last camera film there has no pictures so that it shows  even though your adventure ends your life still continues and you still get to pick what happens.