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The secret life of Walter Mitty -summary

The film is about how Walter goes from someone that is always slow and left and day dreams a lot behind and falls in love with his co worker Cheryl mellof and nothing to put on his e harmony page. During the film he gets the opportunity to get the last photo negative 25 for the life magazine cover by Sean O’conell when they don’t find negative 25 he goes on journey to places where he thought he never go in search for Sean o conell to through his journey he goes to Greenland Iceland and done things that you would think he was day dreaming about.when he finds Sean Oconell he says it was in the Waller that he gave Walter From this journey he gets something to put on his e harmony page. Towards the end he goes back to the life magazine office and hands in the picture.
Walter is a negative asset manager

Definitions pre-test

Producer – someone that creates products or services using natural goods, man made

Consumer – someone that consumes of goods and services produced by producers

Free goods – things that are plentiful and have no cost- the sunshine

Economic goods –

Consumer goods – something to satisfy someone’s needs or wants y

Capital goods –

Relatively cheaper – something that is already cheap but it drops down on price anyway

Inferior goods – goods that individuals / household buy when they get a crease in income

Necessities – Goods and services that people need in order to survive

Normal goods – goods that individuals buy for every day needs

Luxury goods – goods or services that make your life more comfortable

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Blue- gathering task

The author of the story The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is written by James Thurber. The story was first published in the New Yorker the magazine published in 1939 and in a short story book. The story is about an ageing man who though inept and bumbling in real life who passes days his days with fantasises in which he takes on a number of powerful,bold decisive men and is about what is day dreams have to do with real life.The story was made into two movies one premiered in 1947 directed by Norman Z.mcleod and the writer is ken Englund and played by Danny Kaye the other filmed was premiered in 2013 directed and starred by Ben stiller. The movie was rated a 7.4 one of the quotes in the story’s quotes are ” to see the world, things dangerous to come to,to see behind walls, draw closer m to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”


This year my achievement gaol for economics would be to do work at a merit or an excellence level. My behaviour goal is try not be shy and be more confident in speaking in front of the class.Preparation for class would be to learn the stuff that I learned in class so that I can understand it better and get homework in on time and if not sure about it ask for help. Outside of class my goal would be to be more active and try not to miss any karate classes and go to 2 gradings.