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Bend it like Beckham – theme

List examples from the film which show these main ideas.

Jess’s mother criticises all the time – an example of this would be when Jess plays soccer instead of learning Indian cooking so her mother yells at her .
Jess’s father try’s to stand up for her but when he does he gets yelled at by the mother
Jules’ mother does not understand her -at one point in the film she believes that he’d daughter is gay
Jules’ father stands up for her and is more affective unlike Jess’s father

What is the director saying about these ideas.

That parents sometimes don’t understand their children -They don’t listen to their children because they come from a different generation
In some families culture, reputation and tradition are important while in other families it is important for boys and girls to behave a certain way. When children don’t do what their parents expect, there would be conflict between the child and the parent

Bend it like Beckham questions

In which category (genre) of film should Bend it Like Beckham be placed? Give reasons for your answer.
The film should be placed in the drama category because there’s a lot of drama between the parents and what choice Jess has to make

What is the film mainly about? Write a brief summary of the story.
The film is mainly about a girl that wants to make her own decisions and not her parents about her playing soccer
What did you learn from watching the film ?
Cross culture between to families
Record your impressions of Jess, Jules, Joe and their families.
There is always something going on like some sort of argument or disagreement between the two families
Jess – she has to pick a path
Jules – british determined her mum did not support her decision
Joe – his dad pushed him and he has a lot of determination with the sport
Close viewing of the film <
The sound of a ball getting kicked
A commentator and commentating through the football match
They were all wearing Manchester United football gear the colour red dominates
All this is realism
b) From your close reading of this opening sequence, list all the clues the film maker has given us about the:
characters – Jess that she likes to play soccer ,
plot – it’s about a person that would like to follow her dreams but in a difficult situation without her parents knowing that she plays soccer for a local soccer team
setting – London England
theme of this film: romance drama
Close read from the link
Setting – the setting is at Jess house it’s got all the indian culture with all the picture frames on the wall the a picture of a guy on the wall
Character – the characters are Jess her mum and her dad her parents always get in her way of her decisions such as her dream to play soccer and really religious .
Plot – the plot of this this trailer is about a girl that wants to follow her dreams but her mum keeps criticising her about what people would think if Jess played soccer and that her parents had to create a reputation through their family and Jess’ parents think that she is starting to ruin that reputation
Theme – the theme of the trailer is drama since there is always drama going around in there household and her mum always keeps criticising about her playing soccer .
Character Jess and jules
Describe Jess’s home life. Include the positives and the negatives.
The positives- of Jess’ home life her that she gets to stay there until she’s older and her parents finally understood her parents just want the best for her and they really care about her.
The negatives – is that her mum is always criticising her about Jess playing soccer and does not support the decisions she makes.
Describe jules home life . include the positives and the negatives
The positives – is that her dad stands up for her every time her mum says negatives things about soccer
The negatives – jules and her mum don’t get along that well
In what ways are their lives similar? different?
Jess and jules life’s are similar because both there mums are holding them back from playing soccer , they wear track pants and sneakers .they both like joe the soccer coach .
Jess and jules life is different because Jess is keeping a secret from her parents that she plays soccer jess’s dad does not stick up for her in front of her mum but her dad let her go play soccer without her parents knowing . Jules is more open about it and tells her parents about her playing soccer her dad stands up for jules in front of her mum
Describe the relationship between Jess and Jules at the start of the film.
They both had a passion to play soccer they were really good friends

What problems do they encounter with each other and how are these resolved?
There parents think that they are gay – this is resolved when jules mum actually listens to what jules had to say
There mums don’t agree with there daughters playing soccer- this is problem is basically resolved at the end when jules explains to here parents
Describe the relationship between Jess and Jules at the end of the film –
They become best friends and all their problems are resolved
What changes have occurred in this relationship?
They have become closer friends and started to introduce each other to there parents
What has caused these changes?
This changes are caused by the similarities of both genre parents not understanding