Today we were Working on the story chapter 3 and adding videos and finding pictures for the story .


Poem/working on the story

Honey is sweet
Honey is natural
Honey is yellow . 
Honey is thick . 
Honey is nice to eat. 
They go from flowers to bees to honey . 
They go on your toast for breakfast or for tea
You can eat the honey with the honeycomb . 
They make your tummy rumble 
With bees we wouldn’t have any honey.

working on the story

Once update

The next chapter is about felix finding out the the carrot was not from his parents and it did not mean anything felix go upset and there was a war just a miles away from where the orphanage was and the nazis are burning all the books and felix is even more worried because his parents owns a bookstore .

Creating images with letters and creating poems with letters


Creating images with letters
D is the shape of bowler hat without a brim
E is the shape of a comb
F is the shape of a wrench
Y is the shape of a wish bone 

hullaballoo is the shape of crying babies 

speedy is shape of a speeding car 

Creating a poem with letters

mishmash is a collection of m is the shape of a hammock attached to the tree that are too close together I is the pencil s is the snake h is a bamboo m is the London bridge a is a teepee mountain s is the piece of string hanging h is the chair 

snails are small pebbles slowly drifting amongst the wind 

b.l.u.e is the shape b is the shape of a pregnant
Lady , l is the man standing next to the man standing next to his wife u is the shape of two twins putting their arms over each others shoulders e is the shape of an upside down pram
c.r.e.e.k is C is the shape of the crocodiles tail curling up ,r is the shape of the crocodiles back connecting to the tail , e is the shape of the crocodiles back , connecting to the other e k is the shape of the crocodiles mouth opening ,
Friends are people doing different type of exercises

Creative writing

140 character story
My name is Aabidah and i was born on February 28th 2000. I live in auckland and I do karate for gkr . I have a little sister and a brother.

Six word story
One day my bird flew away .

Word story
Gina Georgia and Brenna best friends and are bases and emma is a flyer for the cheer leading school team

15 min story
It was shocking on so many levels ,I went for and adventure through the forest and I saw this huge flames of fire coming towards because I heard this huge explosion awhile ago realising that there was a nuclear power station from where I was walking me I tried to run as fast as I could away from the flame there was this huge log in front of me I knew I couldn’t jump over it but I jumped over it the log any way bit i did not make over the log the flames were coming closer and could not run any more I had hurt my ankle and the flames went straight through me but I was actually surprised I did not get burned there was a force field over me there was a person on the tree but by the time I looked they were gone i ran after them to thank them for saving my life my as I ram my ankle got even more sore and I could not take it anymore I just collapsed when I opened my I was not in the forest anymore I was in the corridors of the hospital people and all I could hear was beeping noises of the machinery . Turns out I was bitten by a venomous snake and I could have died right there and then but I still had a question left in my Mind if I would have does right there and then , then who brought me i suddenly got up in shock realising it was that person that had saved me from the fire earlier on. My parents rushed in saying thank god your safe.but all, I’m saying is thank you to that person from the Forrest of it wasn’t for them then I would not have been alive .


Describe a main idea in the texts. Explain why this idea was important to you.

Two important short story’s from Ray Bradbury’s anthology The Illustrated Man are The Veldt and The Other Foot. One important idea in both texts is revenge. In The Veldt children want revenge on their parents, in The Other Foot Willie wants revenge for his parents’ death and both texts teach us important lessons about revenge.
In The Veldt children want revenge on their parents because the parents want the nursery and the house they live in to be shut down because the parents thought the the technology was taking over . Father said, “I’m beginning to be sorry we bought that room for the children” because he was worried the nursery was not good for them. The children were angry that they might lose their nursery. “They yelled and sobbed and swore and jumped at the furniture.’You can’t do that to the nursery, you can’t!’ ” To get their revenge they created a lion which they were imagining in the nursery and when the parents walked into the nursery the lion killed the parents. I think that the children were not very respectful towards the parents and the way they got their revenge was shocking.
In The Other Foot Willie wants revenge for his parents’ death because.willies parents were killed by the white people on earth because they were negro so Willie and all the. Negro people moved to mars because they were getting treated unfairly . Willie said “You remember how they hung my father on Knock wood Hill and shot my mother? ” as Willie was saying to his wife in frustration and anger because he wanted revenge so bad and treat the person who landed on mars like they treated the negro “pay them white folks at least ten cents an hour “.because Willie told all the negro people to quit their jobs and let the white people polish the Negros shoes and work for them at the end Willie did not end up getting his revenge because everything on mars got ruined as the white person on mars was showing the pictures and Willie forgave them . I think in the 1950s racism was a big problem comparing the revenge to The Veldt is a lot different because in The Veldt the story led to death and in The Other foot they forgave each other .
Both texts teach us important lessons about revenge. But turning out to be different outcomes . In The Veldt peter and Wendy the children ended up getting their revenge but by killing both their parents “where are you father and mother ?” The children looked up and smiled as they knew that the lion they had created had killed there parents and the nursery and the house would not be shutdown and the nursery would be the children’s. Where as in the other foot Willie forgave the white people and there was no lynch taken place in the story ” seems like for the first time ,i really seen a white person”. Said Willie . Because the white person started saying what earth is like now Willie and he feels sorry for them because they have nothing just like Willie before Willie and the never people before they came to mars . I think there is no point is revenge because basically your just becoming like your enemy and after revenge you won’t have anything which can create a bigger problem. Leading to death and losing that person just like the veldt .
Two important short story’s from Ray Bradbury’s anthology The Illustrated Man are The Veldt and The Other Foot. From these stories we can learn that revenge. From the veldt the reader learnt that the nursery was special to children and even though their parents looked after them they were still happy that they died. In The Other Foot The reader learnt that even though Wille wanted to get his revenge he still forgave the white people comparing the two stories together the reader learnt that some people are happy about their revenge and some people are nice enough to forgive . I also learnt that in the 1950s parents had the same worry for technology and their children just like parents do today , and people were getting treated unfairly .