Characters- the veldt

George’s characteristic
Caring ,understanding ,and he is worried about his children

Quote to show the characteristic
“Run outside a moment, children,” said George Hadley.
“No, don’t change the mental combination. Leave the walls as they are. Get!”

Significance in the story
The character is important because he is worried about the nursery shutting down and he is the owner of the nursery

A brainstorm about Lydia


Peter’s characteristics

The three quotes
“Don’t let them do it ” wailed Peter this shows that Peter always wants his way .
“Peter Hadley is a spoiled ten-year-old boy who does not like to be told “no.”
“You know how difficult Peter is about that. When I punished him a month ago by locking the nursery for even a few hours – the tantrum he threw! And Wendy too. They live for the nursery.”

Significance peter has to the theme revenge
Peter show the theme of the story when he wants to kill his parents because they want to shut the nursery down for a good reason and Peter does revenge on them by getting his parents killed by lions .


Language – The veldt

Record 2 more examples of similes and explain their purpose.

The smell of dust like a red paprika in the hot air : the purpose of this simile is that it would emphasise the sentence
could see his wife, far down the dark hall, like a framed picture,:the purpose of this simile would be that it is

Record 2 more examples of personification and explain the purpose of each.

His wife paused in the middle of the kitchen and watched the stove busy humming to itself, making supper for four. -the purpose of this personification is to increase the readers interest and not to make the story sound boring .
The house full of dead body’s – the purpose of this personification is to make the story more interesting and scary .

Holes update

In the chapter I read today Stanley at camp green lake was blamed for stealing mr sir’s sun flower seeds , though it was not him . Stanley took the blame because he did not want the other boys to treat him differently if he told on the person that took the seeds .

Revenge and illusion – the veldt

Describe an example of revenge from the story

When the parents from the story did not believe the children saw and the parents were going to shut the nursery they killed the parents

A quote from the story

“Run outside for a moment “said George have Hadley

Explain what we can learn from this situation. Start your answer with: The reader learns that…

The reader has learnt that sometimes revenge can lead to a life and death situation and some people can get obsessed with it

Do you believe that there is a definite distinction between illusion and reality?

Can you think of an example of an ‘illusion’ in our world that people may see as harmless but can have an effect on people’s behaviour?
When we play a game and we get so into the game that we forget what’s happening around you

Describe the positive and negative effects it can have?
A positive effect that can happen of an illusions is at it means you have very good imagination
A negative effect is that you can get really into it and forget what’s happening around you

Describe an example of this theme from the story?
A theme in the story would be revenge for example in the story they always try and get revenge on each other and at the end they get eaten by the lions because they did not want the adults to shut the nursery down .

Include a quote.
” Now I’m feeling persecuted ” said mr mcClean

Explain what we can learn from this situation.
From this situation I have learnt that in the story some people do not like each other so they decide to do something